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Marval Helps Public Sector Organisation in Canada Improve Customer Satisfaction

Marval Helps Public Sector Organisation in Canada Improve Customer Satisfaction

The Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC) was established in Ontario, Canada, in 1998. MPAC’s main responsibility is to classify and value all property within Ontario for taxation purposes according to the legislation and regulations set by Ontario’s Minister of Finance.

MPAC has a province-wide presence, with most staff located in 33 field offices. It currently assesses and classifies over 4.7 million properties in the province. Since its incorporation it has undergone substantive changes in organisational structure, implementation of new products and services, and changes to valuation methodologies. 


The Challenge

MPAC’s 2012 IT Corporate Balanced Scorecard required them to be more “effective” in four areas; Customer Service, Operational, Organisational and Financial. MPAC’s IT Department supplies full technical support to all staff, and provides product support to MPAC’s stakeholders (municipalities), which therefore required them to adopt a new ITSM tool to introduce more automation and optimisation, to provide an integrated solution that supports all IT related activities, the interactions of IT technical personnel with business customers and users, and to support an end-to-end service lifecycle.

In order to facilitate the adoption of ITIL best practice, MPAC went to tender for a more robust ITSM software tool to support ten ITIL processes that were identified as key for the organisation. With a planned project ‘start to go-live’ of six months, the plan was to implement all selected ITIL processes in one ‘big bang’ approach.

MPAC selected Marval North America and Marval MSM integrated ITSM software as their supplier and product of choice, and with all ten ITIL processes implemented, they went live as planned in February 2012; the big’ bang’ approach turned out to be a remarkable success.


The Result

Since adopting Marval MSM, MPAC observed a number of benefits:

  • Enhanced and effective customer communication on requests through notifications and self-service.
  • SLAs developed during the implementation of MSM enabled MPAC to actively manage and meet customer expectations through these service levels. Currently, MPAC are meeting customer response times by 92.82% and fix times are at 97.10% (MPAC did not have SLAs prior to using MSM).
  • All Changes and Releases, including associated subtasks are tracked and scheduled. The Change process at MPAC has enabled them to differentiate Changes into different types and build templates for ease-of-use; ensuring relevant activities are recorded and effectively managed.
  • Problems are now recorded and assigned to teams for review.
  • All assets are now tracked in Marval MSM’s Configuration Management Database (CMDB). Building configuration views has enabled MPAC to quickly see the impact to related Configuration Items (CIs).
  • The Knowledge Items are on a SharePoint site, available to internal IT users, as well as to end users via the self-service web portal.
  • Administrative security and customisation is done in-house, which allows MPAC’s Infrastructure Group to quickly and effectively manage information needed for reporting (e.g. services), create and/or modify request types, and modify permissions.
  • Marval MSM has also enabled MPAC to provide a clearer picture to senior management and stakeholders through dashboards and reporting.
  • Overall satisfaction survey results show an 82.5% customer satisfaction rating since implementing MSM and the new processes.  

With the realignment of their IT Department in 2013, MPAC’s goal is to maximise the value in their technology investments; ‘Re-use, Re-purpose, Re-position’. With this goal in mind, MPAC have some significant activities planned and are well positioned for the opportunities ahead.

MPAC also plans to re-group some of its existing services by publishing them in to a new Service Catalogue. The expected value is to provide their end users with a more transparent portal into IT and other service offerings.


Plans for Growth

Although self-service was implemented in 2012, MPAC have identified other opportunities for further enhancements, particularly in areas such as hardware and software acquisitions, as well as employee on-boarding.

MPAC’s CIs have been recorded in the MSM CMDB, and it now wants a holistic view of its relationships to one another. Further developments to their CMDB will enable them to see their full IT estate when planning and executing Changes and Releases. MPAC wants to ensure it minimises any potential disruptions to their end users and customers during planned events of Change and Release. Also within the CMDB, MPAC is looking at implementing Licence Management, which would replace their current manual processes.

Currently, IT is the only department within MPAC using MSM. However, other departments are also interested in adopting the solution. There are plans to implement new processes, as well providing access to MSM for groups within the Human Resource Department and Facilities Services Team.

Whilst this may seem like a lot to do in a year, MPAC successfully implemented 10 ITIL processes in just 6 months and are ready for the new challenges and opportunities that lay ahead.


The Solution

  • Marval MSM IT Service Management Platform
  • Consultancy
  • Training
  • Support Services

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